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Let’s talk about Rust’s achingly well-fitting detective attire. All of the other detectives wore schlubby suits and shirts, but not Cohle—at least, not in the ’90s timeline.

Cohle was such a complex character, and yet I knew he’d be so simple in the way that he dressed. It was all about utilitarianism for him. That’s what made him comfortable. We certainly didn’t want to dress him toward a particular fashion. In the mid-’90s, men were wearing pleated pants. Suits were boxy and squared out. That was nothing that Rust was going to be interested in. He was going to want to go to one store and pick up one of each item of clothing and wear them all indefinitely. But just to be frank? It’s Matthew McConaughey. He’s sexy. There was going to have to be some sex appeal there. - Jenny Eagan, True Detective costume designer (x)

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a 90’s kid? don’t you mean sad adult?

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